Company Profile

MPD Designs Pte Ltd is a real estate development and investment company focusing on the luxury hospitality market worldwide while applying Sustainable Development Standards to each projects.

Our broad expertise and strong funding relationships have allowed us to build a varied portfolio of development projects and investment assets, spanning the luxury hospitality sector in some of the world's most attractive locations.

Our development pipeline of current and upcoming projects is in excess of 1.5 million square meters and includes some of the most ambitious and innovative real estate developments.

These real estate developments start from $30,000,000 up to $3,600,000,000. Please visit the "Our Projects" page for more information.

Our approach

MPD Designs Pte Ltd is responsible for all aspects of the real estate development and investment cycle including:

Acquisitions of Land
Sales & Marketing
Asset Management & Operation
Sustainable Development Standards.

Our Partners

MPD Designs Pte Ltd tries to ensure that its focus on quality, professionalism, delivery and Sustainable Development is reflected in the companies it works with.

We believe partnerships are fundamental to success at every stage of the real estate development and investment cycle.

We aim to partner with consultants, architects, designers, contractors and investors who share our commitment to delivering sustainable real estate development projects that will resolve environmental, social and economic issues.

Joint Venture Opportunities

Our flexibility and expertise allow us to look at a wide variety of real estate development opportunities worldwide under Joint Ventures. 

We are able to partner with land owners to maximize the value of their property assets and generate a profitable Return On Investment.

Please visit the 'Contact Us' page to discuss new opportunities.

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