Our Philosophy

MPD DESIGN Pte Ltd is a real estate development and investment company and we create impact through Design.

We mainly focus on the luxury hospitality market worldwide with a particular attention to Sustainable Development.

We have extensive expertise across all phases of the real estate development cycle including financing, planning, design, construction and operation. 

Curently, we are delivering some of the most ambitious and innovative developments in the world.

Our commitment to excellence is reflected in the analysis, design and execution of every real estate project.

We partner with consultants, architects, designers, constructors and investors who share our ambition and commitment to deliver market-leading luxury hospitality projects while applying Sustainable Development standards.

Our Latest Creation

MPD DESIGNS Pte Ltd to develop a US$ 200,000,000 Luxury Hotel & Resort in the Sultanate of Oman.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

MPD DESIGNS Pte Ltd is planning to develop the most Iconic Luxury Hotel & Resort in the country (THE JEWEL OF OMAN) on a 17.5 Hectares land located in the Tourism Area of the Special Economic Zone of Duqm, Sultanate of Oman.
THE JEWEL OF OMAN will consists of:
  • 1,000 Cars Parking Lot;
  • 34,000 M2 Solar Power Plant;
  • 23,000 Kw/h Lithium Ion Energy Storage;
  • 2,000 M3/Day Reverse Osmosis Desalination Sea Water Plant;
  • 400 M3/Day Waste Water Recycling Plant;
  • 5,000 Kg/ Day Solid Waste Compacting Plant;
  • 500 Servers for Data Center;
  • 32 Six Seats Electric Carts for Guests Transportation;
  • 260 Permanent Staff Berthing Building;
  • 64,850 M2 of Landscape;
  • 31,000 M2 of Swimming Pools;
  • 228 Rooms High Rise 5* Luxury Hotel;
  • 264 Rooms 5* Luxury Villas with Cliff View and Pools Access;
  • 6,300 M2 Luxury Brands Shopping Mall with Heliport;
  • 6,300 M2 Meeting, Incentive, Conference and Exhibition Building with Heliport;
  • 6,300 M2 International Clinic for Stem Cell Therapy and Cosmetic Surgery with Heliport;
  • 12,250 M2 Facility for Mega Toboggans and Virtual Reality Games;
  • 25 Meters High Cliff Elevator for connection between Eco Resort and Public Beach;
  • 47,000 M2 Marina with berthing for SFR and Luxury Yachts;
  • 14 Sustainable Floating Resorts;
  • 32 Luxury Yachts Berthing.

THE JEWEL OF OMAN will generate a positive balance cash flow of US$ 1,422,000,000 (One Billion Four Hundred and Twenty Two Million Dollars) over a period of 10 years operation and the Initial Investment could be fully repaid at Year 2 of operation as needed.

Annualized ROI estimated at: 28,44%

MPD DESIGNS Pte Ltd is seeking an Equity Investor (10% Shares) interested in this venture.

Please contact Mr. Michele Puzzolante for more information:

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